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In, On And Under The Waves

Enjoying watersports and relaxing on a beach in the shade of a palm tree can be the perfect end to a safari, or a delightful holiday in itself. The east coast of Africa and nearby islands offer pristine beaches and warm clear water.

Try wind surfing, sailing or canoeing, or explore beneath the waves scuba diving or snorkeling, discovering the wealth of marine life. For something completely different, visit the beaches of South Africa's Cape peninsular - home, in season, to penguins, seals and whales.

For those who enjoy a spot of fishing, how about casting a fly for a tiger fish on the mighty Zambezi river or catch a giant Nile perch on Lake Turkana (the Jade Sea) in a remote corner of Kenya. Amateurs can try their hand at catching a bream on a spinner in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

For those who are passionate about deep sea fishing, the Indian Ocean litoral offers challenging catches including yellow fin tuna, sailfish and marlin. Throughout Africa, the principle of tag and release is widely practised.



Where to go In, On And Under The Waves:

South Africa - Tanzania - Uganda - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Rwanda - Namibia - Mozambique - Malawi - Madagascar - Kenya - Botswana
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