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Tourism on the mainland is slowly being developed following the years of civil war and, with innovative conservation efforts, some interesting safari experiences are now being offered. Undeniable jewels of this country are the northern Quirimbas archipelago where good snorkelling, exciting dive sites and ancient Arab trading culture await and, further south, the unspoilt Bazaruto islands surrounded by pristine beaches in the country's first Marine National Park.



Niassa National Reserve, the country's largest game park, wild and remote

Bazaruto National Park, islands we have been visiting for years with the wonderful reefs, beaches and lodges

Quirimbas National Park, part of the northern archipelago

Manda Wilderness, a community reserve on the shores of Lake Malawi

Gorongosa National Park, which has been benefiting from a visionary restoration project, is sadly off limits to tourists at the moment because of unrest in the region


The best time to visit is during the winter months from April to October which is the cooler, dry season. November to March is the wetter and hotter season, around 28°C at the coast. The rainy season tends to start a month or so later in the more northern parts.




  • Traditional game viewing and walking safaris
  • Visits to the Gorongosa Sanctuary to see newly reintroduced species
  • Cultural tours of the former Portuguese capital on Ilha do Mocambique and the old colonial island of Ibo
  • Watersports - world class diving, snorkelling and deep sea fishing
  • Whale watching - humpback whales pass along the coast between July and November while elusive whale sharks are present in the waters year round


Sample Itinerary

Click on the title below for links to see our suggested itinerary.  But please remember that this is just an idea and we look forward to helping you plan YOUR safari!

Southern African Safari & Sunsets: Combining a safari in South Africa's Kruger National Park with a hideaway location on the coast of Mozambique


Azura Benguerra

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