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Abu Camp

Lodge style Plunging with elephants

Tents, tusks, trumpeting

Trunks up: at Abu Camp in the Okavango Delta you will soon give up counting the elephants you stumble upon – there are simply too many. So while you are having a sundowner, a curious youngster might try to reach out to your snacks with its trunk, or herd matriarch Cathy will invite you to an afternoon mud bath. Abu Camp is an exclusive elephant safari experience located in the private 180,000 square meter Abu Concession in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. The name Abu Camp is not randomly picked, but named after a famous South African bull elephant. This mature elephant, named Abu, starred in many movies and commercials, including a movie with Clint Eastwood. Abu was the first elephant of the Abu Camp herd and loved to play the role of the toughest animal on the block, while in fact he was very sweet. During your stay, you will get to know the elephants of the Abu Camp’s resident herd. Give the elephant’s trunk a firm ‘handshake’, as you will be introduced personally to every member of the herd when you arrive. Nice to meet you, indeed.

And let’s not forget there is plenty of other wildlife to spot in the Abu Concession as well: Abu Camp is set in a grove of hardwood trees on the edge of a lagoon, which has a resident hippo population. Marvel at their bulbous mass, as it is not uncommon for them to waddle around your tent. Or watch them taking a bath from your private, tree-shaded deck with wide lagoon views. Abu Camp consists of six imaginatively designed spacious en-suite tents. Tents are airy, and slightly raised on platforms, blending in well with the natural surrounds. You will be treated like royalty, although even that could be considered an understatement. Each tent has stylish furnishings, double vanity bathrooms with inside and outside showers, a separate comfortable seating area and writing desk (to journal those amazing safari memories). The main camp area is a combination of tiered decking, canvas and poles, designed to complement nature’s easy flow. The deck also offers breathtaking views of elephants (ever had a yummy lunch while elephants are a stone’s throw away?), hippos and many, many others. There is a lounge and dining area, a well-stocked library, a gym, camp fire and a secluded plunge pool. Or simply take a dip in your private outdoor bathtub.

Activities at Abu Camp

Obviously, you are here to interact with the elephants. At Abu Camp, Okavango Delta safari activities are centered on the extraordinary elephant encounters with the resident herd, which includes riding, walking (maximum of ten guests) and learning. So, get your notebooks out, and nestle yourself in the comfortable chairs of the bush outdoor cinema. Yes, at Abu Camp they will educate you through documentaries when it comes to elephants and wildlife – but no worries, there are drinks and snacks available too during this ‘class’. In the morning and afternoon it is time to venture out on game drives, grab a motorboat (seasonal) or take it to an even higher level with a scenic flight. End the day in a sleep-out star bed overlooking the elephant boma (this is optional). Either way, you can emerge yourself in this magnificent landscape from all sights: land, water and air. Get ready for a 360° safari experience.

Tripadvisor comments Abu Camp

Abu was everything I thought it would be and more! The resident elephant herd interactions are incredible. The handlers (mahout) are so good with these beautiful animals. Naledi (the baby elephant orphaned at 6 weeks) is obviously the star of the show, but all of the resident elephants are magnificent! The tents were incredibly luxurious and large. The tents are beautiful and comfortable. The food was fantastic. The staff was friendly and capable. I had Joe as my guide. I felt incredibly lucky. Joe has been at Abu for 26 years and has extensive knowledge of the concession, the elephants and all bird and plant life. I would return to Abu in a minute. Thanks to Abu camp for being part of my birthday celebration and being an excellent safari camp.

from Eureka, California

This was truly a trip of a lifetime. Everything was perfect. The elephants were beyond amazing - their personalities, their stories, and their interactions with guests, while their relationships with their care givers was incredibly special. The bond and the mutual respect was so evident. The lodge itself was beautiful. The staff friendly and attentive, without being overbearing. Every day held something special - and every night was beautiful - especially those spent in the stargazing platform above the elephants enclosure. I will return - one day - and until then, I urge you to go and revel in this amazing place!

from Windhoek, Namibia