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About Okavango Delta

Be overwhelmed by rich wildlife and diverse ecosystems in this pulsing wetland

We would like to introduce you to the Okavango River, the lifeline of the Okavango Delta. Coming all the way from the Angola Mountains, 1.600 kilometers further west, it flows deep into Botswana, seeking the Indian Ocean. Luckily for the wildlife in Botswana, these fresh, clear waters never actually find the ocean, as they sink in the dry sand of the Kalahari Desert. But, before that happens, it creates the largest oasis in Africa.

For everybody considering a visit to this unique part of Africa: we are happy to provide some informative insights – there is a lot to tell about this UNSECO World Heritage site. Sala Sentle… (‘Stay well’ in the Botswana language)

Some Okavango Delta history: notes from journals

‘Oh, from a country full of rivers – so many no one can tell their number – and full of large trees.’ This is what explorer David Livingstone wrote in his journal from 1848. Unfortunately, after the Europeans discovered this land full of papyrus waterways, hundreds of years later, it wasn’t as paradisiacal anymore. Depletion of wildlife made the people of Botswana proclaim the area as a game reserve in 1962. And up to this day, many travelers can silently thank them for this move. Today, the Okavango Delta area thrives under a protected environment and successful eco-tourism - leaving a small footprint for Botswana and a pure, Africa experience for you.

Explore some of the world's richest eco-systems

Think about this: wildlife is not bothered in the least bit by human-made lines and borders. The Okavango Delta and its surrounding areas might be separated by ‘borders’ on the map, but ecosystems here blend together seamlessly into one, rich area. Diverse, dense wildlife, crystal clear waters, lush forest, extensive savannah – these are just a few of the characteristics of the Okavango Delta. You will find yourself absolutely overwhelmed once you venture out in a safari vehicle or take your first boat trip: the Okavango Delta offers surprises around every corner.

Enjoy the opportunity to get the complete Big Five in front of your camera lens; since the reintroduction of the impressive (white) rhino, the quintet is complete again. Elephants, hippos, buffalos, blue wildebeests, impalas, red lechwe, giraffes, impalas – they all love to take a splash in Okavango’s fresh waters. And is spotting the rare wild dog on your list? This smart hunter also calls the Okavango Delta his home; the people of Botswana cherish their strong population of wild dogs. And don’t forget to look up: cheetahs love to drag their fresh kill high up in a tree and enjoy their meal undisturbed. (Or take a long siesta on a branch)

Twittering from actual birds: birdlife in the Okavango Delta

Whether you are a bird enthusiast or not, these magnificent feathered creatures will quickly win over your heart once you arrived in the Okavango Delta. With over 400 bird species in the air, trees, riverbank or on a hippo’s back, there is so much to discover. The beautifully coloured pink-throated longclaw, wattled crane or the very rare egret (to identify this one; seek its overall grey colouring, but yellow leg and feet, with a red neck): look closely through your binoculars and be amazed.