Chitabe Concession (NG31) and Sandibe

Small concessions with a big variety

The Chitabe Concession in the Okavango Delta covers a relatively small area (360 km²) but is a great location in all its modesty. Sandibe and Chitabe share this reserve but only use the same airstrip.

Variation is key in this Okavango Delta concession; even though it is very flat and made up of homogeneous Kalahari sand, Chitabe Concession has large variations in habitat patterns over relatively small distances. Take the northwest area for example; a much wetter area than the rest of the concession. Or the northeast side, where there’s a spit of dry land, creating habitats consisting of dense forest and dry land with widely growing camelthorn trees. Also when it comes to mammals and birds, each of these ecosystems has their own species composition. However, impala, tsessebe, kudu and red lechwe dominate this reserve.

The eastern half of the concession is characterised by grassy floodplains, separating the Gomoti Channel from acacia and stunted, mopane woodland. The western half has the Santantadibe River as its boundary, with more permanent water and the associated island mosaics, further bolstering the diversity of bird species.

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