Kwedi East and West Concessions (NG22 and NG23)

Stunning game drives

These are two great Okavango Delta concessions, Kwedi East and Kwedi West, bordering each other. Because of the similarities, you only need to take up one in your itinerary.

Vumbura is a beautiful, varied reserve, perfect for stunning game drives. Gaze at vast open floodplains, dotted with islands. A wide range of antelopes are spotted in this area, and often some less common predators.

Duba Plains is known for its battles between large buffalo herds and prides of lion - a spectacular sight. And in the dryer months, from April to October, this concession provides more impressive sights of big game, chasing buffalo. Camps in both Okavango Delta concessions offer water activities as well as game drives. And as more and more camps in Botswana follow this policy, these two camps are intimately involved with local communities; most of the staff comes from five of the surrounding villages, including Seronga, Eretsha, Beetsha, Gudigwa, Gunitsungwa. What wildlife will you see in these two concessions? Tsessebe, impala, zebra, warthog, giraffe and the Waterbuck are often seen in Vumbura. Also wild dogs roam the area. In the drier parts, when many of the floodplains are accessible, the conditions are perfect for the cheetah.

Okavango Delta accommodation in this concession