Shinde concession NG21

Explore the waterways

This is the smallest concession in the Okavango Delta, but a perfect place for a photo safari and water-based activities (although Shinde also offers game drives).

To the north, the concession adjoins Kwara and Vumbura, and this area includes a good population of plains game. Although the Shinde Concession is similar to Kwara, a greater proportion of this area consists of permanent swamp, as it has several large rivers flowing through it. Shinde and sister camp Footsteps across the Delta benefit from a broader range of species including wild dog, lion, leopard and hyena. Also impala, tsessebe, kudu and giraffe are common. Once again, the diverse habitat of the concession allows for a wide variety of bird species. The Okavango Delta is an important breeding site for the region’s birdlife, with colonies of storks, egrets spoonbills and herons.

Okavango Delta accommodation in this concession