Stanley’s Concession (NG32)

Connect with an elephant herd

A private safari concession located to the east of the Okavango Delta in northern Botswana, which covers an impressive 1.150 km². The two camps in the area operate a relatively small sector in the west, to which they have exclusive access.

The Stanley’s Concession is controlled by local communities, and is truly a multi-purpose area with the meandering Boro River as its main feature. This crystal clear river winds its way through a network of floodplains, seasonal grasslands and wooded islands. On your mokoro safari, your poler will expose the secrets of the river, and you will likely stop at small islands fringed with palm trees. As you head farther north, wildlife populations increase in density. Impala are very common, with tsessebe and red lewche also abundant. Elephants and buffalos are frequently seen during the wettest times of the year, and lions also arrive in good numbers. While leopard and wild dogs occasionally pass through. The area is also home to a well-known elephant rehabilitation project, Grey Matters, offering you to get close with a small, habituated herd.

Okavango Delta accommodation in this concession