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Tubu Tree Camp

Lodge style Rustic, sophisticated, elegant

Picture perfect

In the Jao Concession - spanning more than 148.000 acres and bordering the Moremi Game Reserve (home to some of the densest wildlife concentrations) - is a small, traditional camp: Tubu Tree Camp. Sited on Hunda Island in the Okavango Delta, the largest area of permanently dry land in this region, Tubu Tree Camp is surrounded by palatable grass plains, attracting a variety of game on the lookout for refreshment and green grass. Tubu Tree Camp is rustic with a contemporary feel. A perfect combination, just as the location is a perfect symbiosis of wet and dry habitats - making it possible to experience both land and water activities. Hunda Island is famous for its leopard viewing; spot a mother protecting her cub against hunting hyenas, or a leopard dragging up a kill in a high tree. Leopards are hard to find as they are usually shy, but the skilled guides at Tubu Tree Camp have a great sense for tracking wildlife. And not only are they able to find beautiful animals, they want to make sure you bring home a camera full of safari treasures, too. They will take you out in the morning and afternoon (when the light for pictures is ideal) and position the safari vehicle so you get the best angle. This is all in addition to their infinite knowledge of the area. (And of course, their ability to make great gin and tonics, served in the best mobile bar you will ever settle in)

The camp has eight tents, East African style, on elevated wooden decks approximately three meters off the ground and linked by wooden walkways. The tents have a true tree house feeling with regulars such as elephants, baboons, zebra herds and hippos passing by. The tents are set in blooming, fruity Marula trees and all have verandahs overlooking the floodplains, boasting spectacular Okavango Delta views. Shower in the spacious luxurious en-suite bathroom, or use the outdoor shower for a rinse accompanied by soft breezes and animal sounds from the savannah. There is a family unit with two adjoining tents, separate bathrooms and shared lounge. The tented communal camp is large, open and airy, and raised on decks with commanding landscape views. There is a lounge and dining area, plunge pool and bar built under a shady Marula tree. Perfect for a peaceful afternoon rest before the afternoon safari activities begin. Don’t forget to peek at the elephants during your siesta, as they like to snack on the nuts from the Amarula tree (also: order an ice cold Amarula yourself). An evening campfire in front of camp completes this perfect safari picture.

Activities at Tubu Tree Camp in Okavango Delta

The variety of wildlife seen around Tubu Tree Camp is impressive: elephant, leopards, giraffes, lion, zebras, red lechwe, blue wildebeest, kudu, impala and bushbuck – all available for viewing during an Okavango Delta safari, boating trip, mokoro excursion or from a bush hide twenty minutes from the camp. The safari day starts with a soft wake-up call and light breakfast, just enough to feel energized for the first game drive. More treats are served in the bush, and back at the camp it is time for brunch. Siesta ends with teatime and savory snacks before the afternoon game drive begins. Sundowners and tasty nibblers are served before dinner around the campfire. During dinner, the staff will explain their intimate involvement with the Jao Lion Monitoring Project, which started shortly after the inception of the Jao Concession. The project includes monitoring the movement and condition of individual lions. And at Tubu Tree Camp, they monitor precious wildlife just as they watch over you; making sure your safari experience will stay with you forever - in the form of pictures and everlasting memories.

Tripadvisor comments Tubu Tree Camp

The moment we arrived we were warmly greeted by the entire staff. I immediately felt as if I were a guest at their home rather than a guest at a hotel. The camp is blended into trees so you feel as if it is part of the environment. The best part were the game drives. We saw elephants, giraffes, zebra, hyenas, kudus, impalas, but the highlight was a leopard and her 7 month old cub! I can't say enough about our guide Delta. His expert knowledge of the region and wildlife enlightened us to the ecosystem of this beautiful area of the world. I would return tomorrow. It was an experience I will never forget. Nor will I forget the staff, Jared, Carla, and Delta our guide! I can hardly wait to return!

from Washington, United States

Great! Absolutely great! We have travelled a lot and seen a lot, and Tubu Tree was a superb place. Everything and every game drive well organized. Staff and guides friendly and knowledgeable. During our first night, we had an elephant browsing, and later sleeping – not unlike a dog too big to let inside – right under our balcony!

from Bern, Switserland